House Bits

No. Definitely not. Please do not put this level of stress upon yourself.

The valuer inspects the property, by appointment, and may take some measurements, photographs and details as required. Inspection should last no longer than 30 mins, depending on the size of the property. 

Within 3 days of inspection, a Certificate of Market Value report will be forwarded to the person requesting the valuation. This report can vary in size and length, (depending on each property), contain photograph(s) and any other information / details relevant to the valuation of the property. 

Please note that a “Thinking Of Selling” Valuation will be in letter format only and
not as a Certificate of Market Value.

Valuation Types Explained:

Probably the most widely recognised of valuation types – you want to sell your home and know how much it will achieve on the open market. Our professional valuers offer you their advice and expertise on market trends and achievable prices. You will receive this in a written format outlining the agent's sales/marketing strategy.

Property Transfer Valuation is required when transferring property from one person to another. Most common property transfers take place between parent and child, i.e. the parent wants to put the house / land / site into the child’s name.

Mortgage Valuations are required when applying to one of the banks / financial institutions for a mortgage. This can be to purchase your new home, build your new home, property extensions, top up mortgage and releasing equity in your existing home. Our valuers are listed on all banks' valuers panels. Each bank has their own template in which to complete these valuations and some banks instruct the valuer directly.

HSE Fair Deal Scheme – Often an emotional valuation as it is usually required when a loved one is receiving / entering state care. These are urgent valuations and our valuers endeavour to maintain a quick turnaround with these valuations. Please supply the valuer with information of all property to be valued.

Probate Valuations – Often an emotional valuation as you prepare to finalise the estate of a deceased loved one. Probate valuations are often instructed by a solicitor and/or executor of the estate (the person nominated in the will by the deceased to deal with the estate) and can often consist of multiple properties / assets / folios.

In what are often difficult and emotional times, valuations of a couple’s assets / property (ies) may be needed to help complete the process. By using, not only are your affairs being handled by a professional, they are also being professionally handled. Using the Notes Section on the valuation request form, please supply the property details which need valuing.

The Local Property Tax (LPT) was introduced in May 2013 and is a self-declaration tax. In other words, using the information supplied to you by the government at that time, it was down to the homeowner to determine the Local Property Tax due on their property. Some homeowners have since found that they have either over valued or under valued their property and now require a valuation to pay the correct amount of LPT. Also, some councils have amended the rate in recent years which may also give rise to an LPT valuation. Please have your LPT Property ID number to hand.

These valuations are most often required when transferring a farm / business from parent to child. Information on Farm Asset Relief and Business Asset relief is key for these valuations and our valuers will guide you accordingly.

Required for a variety of reasons, such as raising further capital to expand the business or simply want to know the market value of the business. Our Recognised European Valuers (REV) can assist here.

From time to time, a state body such as Transport Infrastructure Ireland (previously National Road Authority), ESB, Irish Water and County Councils may issue what is known as a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). This gives them the legal function to obtain / take property without the consent of the landowner. The landowner is then entitled to financial compensation. This compensation comes under many titles such as value of property acquire, disturbance (permanent & temporary) and injurious affection to name a few. These valuations are extremely specialised, and our valuers have represented landowners affected by many forms of CPOs. The good news is that these valuation services are FREE – the valuers' fees are paid for by the authority issuing the CPO so as not to incur any cost on the landowner. This is also true of the landowner’s solicitor.